Market Share

At present JMG is in top position generating the highest volume of cargo for Biman Airlines compared to any other agents in the UK. We have been unbeatable from the onset and our market share is expanding with expected growth on a yearly basis. Our market policies and incentives are unbeatable. We pride in ourselves for being the market leader for innovation and for customer services unmatched by any other agent or service providers.

We take pride in providing Biman Airlines with a volume capacity of around 65% to 70% of its total cargo carriage per flight. Our productivity and volume could have been much higher had there been sufficient space availability on schedule regularity been maintained on BG flights.

We have contractual commitments with hauliers and reputed logistical firms in order to collect commercial and personal goods from businesses and homes within 24hours within UK and Europe.

We are able to provide cargo handling coverage throughout the UK, the Northern territories including Manchester & Birmingham offices of JMG, employs around 7 staff members solely for the purpose of handling cargo. Our Luton office is staffed by 3 dedicated staff members. Our fleet of vehicles has 4 full time drivers and we have access to other hauliers where necessary.

JMGs main headquarters in London where capable and dedicated members of staff who oversee the booking, transportation, accounting and customer services. Our Management teams are able to co-ordinate and consolidate all of our branches into providing the dedicated volume of cargo necessary for each flight on Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

Not to forget our own fleet of 4 vehicles to provide these services, which are managed by most experienced drivers specializing in customer care while picking cargo from our clients.

As well as our export division we also have our imports department which handles all clearance for UK bound goods from Bangladesh as well as Worldwide.

We pride ourselves in providing a safe and secure carriage, including a door to door service Worldwide.