Our mission JMG vision and history

JMG has total coverage of the UK region as a whole due to its strong marketing and customer base of which there are approximately 100 agents also about 50 agents in EU serving this purpose. At JMG Cargo we are a time critical logistical service provider ensuring a safe and secure transportation of commercial and personal goods to Bangladesh and worldwide. We have safe practice procedures in place to assist novices or experienced exporters. We also have forward planning for expansion for growth through the next several years.

Our successful marketing campaigns are not just restricted to TV adverts also includes newspapers, radio, sponsorships of community events and programs for the community. At JMG we pride ourselves in the latest technology to keep records and customer updates of which post flights are an integral part of some of our services that we provide to our customers. We have a great customer services team that respond promptly and diligently to all enquiries and requests. JMG values all customers with great care and knows the individual requirements will vary between clients. Due to this our profile as one of the best service providers in the market allows us that degree of competitiveness and efficiency which sets us apart from the rest.

JMG has warehousing facilities across the UK and fleet of vehicles as well as hauliers agreements in place where necessary. We en-visage a sales growth for this market and are driving expansion beyond expectation for sole purpose of lifting Biman Bangladesh Airline, BG's success is our success.

JMG encourage the establishment of best practice operations & procedures for those involved in the airfreight of perishable and general cargo by communication and education. We assist industry by providing advice and focus workshop to exporters and identifying opportunities to improve international airfreight infrastructure and services at the Hazrat Shahijalal Airport Dhaka as well as Osmani International Airport Sylhet in their focus on a freight strategy.

We at JMG have planning in the process to establish routes via Italy and France to DAC and ZYL in the event that we are appointed the GSA of Biman Airlines. This would be very successful routes for both Biman and JMG as there is quite a high volume of demand for this service. Our operation to other territories within EU will however be subject mutual agreement.

We are target driven and have reviews every 6 months on the productivity and volume analysis of our strategy for growth. This is undertaken to insure a maximum expansion possible and increase attention to areas needing focus. Due to our ever expanding agents, we have currently around 2 - 3 tonnes of cargo alone from the northern territories including Birmingham, Manchester & Luton on a weekly basis. This is set to increase and our agents have all commend JMG for our aggressive marketing advertisements which have benefited both Biman and ourselves in the volume increase and will continue to do so.